Staff Members

Our staff are complemented by our 600+ Volunteers from all walks of life, that make the many programs, administrative functions and successful events a reality.

Denise Arkell

Executive Director

905-574-1334 Ext 201

Amy Angelo

Manager of Food Access and Skills

905-574-1334 Ext 302

Deban Brunette

Director of Educational Programs

905-574-1334 Ext 204

Caitlin Craven

Community Food Skills Coordinator

905-574-1334 Ext 304

Krista D’Aoust

Director of Community Food and Family Services


905-574-1334 Ext 205

Jennifer Gold

Manager, Administration Services

905-574-1334 Ext 200

Robyn Knickle

Director of Development

905-574-1334 Ext 202

Marija Kupina

Coordinator of Volunteers


905-574-1334 Ext 203

Valerie Louter

Manager, Resource Development

905-574-1334 Ext 217

LeeAnne MacGregor

Garden Coordinator

 905-574-1334 Ext 308

Heryka Miranda

Community Action Coordinator

905-574-1334 Ext 303

Debbie Morin-Farraway

Family Services Program Support

905-574-1334 Ext 207

Narmin Mzouri

Outreach Coordinator

905-574-1334 Ext 210

Deb Naylor

Financial Counsellor


Charlotte Redekop-Young

Manager of Emergency Food Services


905-574-1334 Ext 212

Laura Ryan

Manager of Family Services

905-574-1334 Ext 208

Julie Stockl

Education Assistant

905-574-1334 Ext 214

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