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Emergency Food

What We Know

  • Low wages, inadequate social assistance rates, high cost of childcare and precarious employment result in a lack of money to cover food for individuals and their families.
  • A lack of adequate income limits people’s ability to afford the food they need for a healthy diet. A lack of healthy food has lasting effects on people’s physical and mental health.
  • 15% of Hamilton mountain residents live in poverty
  • 35% of residents in Rolston (where our food bank is located) live on incomes below the poverty line
  • The Hamilton Public Health Nutritional Food Basket calculates the monthly cost of a basic healthy diet for a family of four in Hamilton at over $800. Low income families spend over 40% of their income on shelter, which leaves little room in the household budget for food.


What We Do

Neighbour to Neighbour works to improve the quality of life in our community by offering emergency food support through 3 programs.

  • Our Food Bank provides 7 days of essential food – fruits & vegetables, meat, dairy, bread and vital non-perishables to 1,200 families on Hamilton mountain each month
  • Our Home Delivery Program is a crucial lifeline for households on a low income who are housebound due to chronic or critical illness.
  • The Christmas Market Program ensures milk, eggs, meat, fruit and vegetables and essential non-perishables are available for all registered families during the month of December


What We See


3,220 households were served in the year which ensured over 9,432 individuals were supported with nutritional food throughout the year.


528 home deliveries were provided to clients who were unable to access our food bank due to medical challenges.


1,514 families were recipients of our Christmas Market program


14,412 volunteer hours were donated by the emergency food team of volunteers assisting with grocery shopping in our food bank and packing, sorting and receiving in our warehouse


977,753 lbs. of food was raised with a value of $2,542,158


40% of all food raised focuses on fresh produce, meat and dairy


3,935 lbs. of food donated to our Community Food Centre


24,408 households served since 1986


What We Hear

For every dollar donated, we distribute $11 worth of food in the community

“I was very grateful for the service today and thank everyone who helped. Today’s volunteers were kind and resourceful. They made sure the shelves were stocked as they emptied. Again, I’m grateful”

you make me feel at home here

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