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Hamilton Community Food Centre

What We Know

1 in 8 Canadians struggle to put food on the table, 4 million Canadians, including 1.15 million children are food insecure. We know that in our Rolston neighbourhood, 1 in 5 households worry about running out of money for food, or compromise quantity or quality of food in order to make ends meet.

Poverty and food insecurity are leading causes of poor physical and mental health. Poor health has lasting negative impacts on people’s lives, and places a significant burden on our health-care system – costs we all pay.

What We Do

Community Food programs are focused on reducing stigma, building health and belonging that can make a big difference in people’s lives right now. It is poverty and inequity that create food insecurity in our country and we work to advocate for larger-scale changes so that everyone can afford the food they need to thrive.

The Hamilton Community Food Centre is one of eleven Community Food Centres across Canada that are bringing people together to grow, share, cook and advocate for good food for all.

Programs focus on:

  • Increasing access to healthy
  • Building healthy food skills and behaviours
  • Improving health
  • Reducing social isolation and increasing support

Programs Delivered in 2019:

Food access programs

  • Seniors’ Wellness Morning and Breakfast
  • One Dish Lunch Drop-in
  • Good Food Market and Café
  • Family Dinner Drop-In

Education and engagement programs

  • Community Advocacy Office
  • Comunity Action Training
  • Cooking Up Justice
  • Social Justice Club

Food skills programs

  • Intercultural Community Kitchen
  • Kitchen Workshops
  • Restoring ourselves through Food
  • Kids Summer Day Camp
  • Welcome Baby
  • Garden Club
  • Summer Kids Club
  • Freedom Garden



What We See

Increasing access to healthy food


Healthy Meals Served and Sent Home

Important SourceNot Important


of people surveyed say our programs provide an important source of healthy food

Improving health

Positive Mental Health ChangeNo Change


say our programs have contributed to positive changes in their mental health

Positive Physical Health ChangeNo Change


say our programs have contributed to positive changes in their physical health

Building healthy food skills and behaviours


Food Skills Sessions Offered

Healthy Diet ChangeNo Change


say they've made healthy changes to their diet

Reducing social isolation and increasing support


Visits To The Advocacy Office For Support

Belong to CommunityNo Feeling


feel they belong to a community at Hamilton CFC

“I didn’t go out before, but now I feel I can be more independent. Before I was afraid to mix with different people. I know more now - the CFC has opened my eyes.”

What We Hear

What has changed for you because of your involvement with Hamilton CFC?

Most common answers

  • I'm less lonely
  • My health and well-being have improved
  • I've gained new knowledge and skills

“Coming here has been a positive thing. I tell friends about it and they’re jealous that they don’t have something similar in their city.”


“I learned a lot about N2N [at the orientation] and would love to be a part of helping the community.”

“I like coming here because the people are very nice. The chef is very good and I’ve met a couple of new friends.”

“Everyone is friendly and smiling and we get along regardless of difference in ethnicity. The connection to people, we need it. I’m a people person and this place helps me connect with others”

“I voted for the first time in my life because of coming to the all candidates’ dinner.”


60% of people have become more involved in their community because of something they learned at the CFC.

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28 Athens Street
Hamilton, ON L9C 3K9


Phone: 905 574 1334
Fax: 905 574 1688

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