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Volunteer Services

What We Know


When people volunteer, they connect with each other and their community. As volunteers work together towards the common good, they expand their social network and strengthen their ties to the community.


Volunteering and applying skills – or learning new ones – go hand in hand. A variety of skill sets, both hard and soft, are needed to support our community.


Volunteering gets people out and active, contributing to physical health. Connecting with others is good for well-being, and just plain feels good.


Giving time and lending a helping hand give people a sense of purpose.

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What We Do

We offer volunteer opportunities where individuals can get involved in the community, be helpful to others, apply their skills, feel good and make friends.

We draw on volunteers’ experiences, knowledge, energy and enthusiasm to achieve our common goals.

We support volunteers with training and resources to help us implement programs.

We communicate to our volunteers about the impact we are making together in the community.

We gather as department teams, or the larger N2N team, to connect with each other and celebrate our results.

We provide monthly orientations to our mission, values, programs and volunteer opportunities for community members that want to volunteer with us.

Our Objectives

  • Ensure that community members know how, and in what roles, they can become involved.
  • Place each volunteer in a role that is meaningful and interesting to them.
  • Train and support volunteers to be successful and happy in their role.
  • Show appreciation to volunteers for their contributions of time and talent.
  • Recognize volunteers’ milestone years of service.



What We See


Orientation Sessions


Volunteer Hours


Volunteers, or the equivalent of 18 full-time staff


61 volunteers helped in the first 6 days during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic being called


95% of volunteer hours were contributed by volunteers in weekly or monthly roles


47% of orientation attendees started a volunteer role

What We Hear

About Getting Started

“I learned a lot about N2N [at the orientation] and would love to be a part of helping the community.”

“So you asked me why it took some time to start volunteering. I think more importantly is why I started at all. And that is the sense of community that exists.”


About Sharing Time

“My wife and I have both been enjoying our volunteer activities at N2N. All the people are great.”

“It is fun volunteering with like-minded people and the dedicated staff.”

“I really appreciate the support from N2N and my fellow volunteers.”

“Every one of us has to continue doing what we do. We are all part of a very special family.”

“I am very happy to volunteer. Now I have new friends and feel happy that I can help. Thank you.”

From the Community

“There was a volunteer, and he made my son’s day, and it was just awesome. He went above and beyond, and I want to share how happy we both were leaving the Centre that day.”

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